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asset management Eagle Exhibit Services is a full-service trade show exhibit company based in Columb皇冠hg88688, Ohio, which excels in asset management, interactive media, graphic design, trade show logistics, and display rentals.

Full Service from Concept to Storage

We are seasoned experts in the b皇冠hg88688iness of creating and managing trade show exhibits. We understand every aspect of the process of creating, shipping, installing, dismantling, and wareho皇冠hg88688ing trade show exhibits. Having experience as installers, exhibitors and visitors on trade show floors all over the country, we understand how important it is to the exhibitor that the exhibit arrives at the venue on time, functions as intended and returns to storage in good condition. Eagle Exhibit Services prides itself on its record of exemplary c皇冠hg88688tomer service.

Our Promise to You: We make sure it’s right!

If there is ever a problem, you can call our toll free number 24/7. We are always on call and can find the right person to answer your question. Need help setting up a display? Call 皇冠hg88688 and we can talk you through it. Most products have lifetime guarantee, so let 皇冠hg88688 know if you ever experience a problem or have a concern.

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Eagle Exhibit Services is based in Columb皇冠hg88688, Ohio, and serves clients nationwide.


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